Shin Guard




Shin Guards are designed to offer the athlete super-strong and lightweight protection for the whole leg. The elastic body of these shin guards is produced precisely to hug the athlete’s leg tightly to hold the guard in place, but still allow you slide them off or on without a major struggle. The hook and loop elastic strap at the top of the guard further allows the wearer to secure the guard to the leg. Don’t go for cheap knock-offs or mass-produced guards that don’t fit or protect. Exclusively designed and sold by ISH Sports, these Shin & Instep guards are not the generic pads others are selling. Impact EVA padding is ideally sized and positioned to offer maximum contact protection on the shins and top of feet.

-Hook and loop strap secures top of guard tightly
-Elasticized design for comfort fitting
-Slides on easily but stays in place all workouts long
-Made from Poly cotton material/Used for many sports
-Padded with EVA foam for light weight and greater impact


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